• February,2016


    Workshop in Japan
    Partner university select excellent students and will send to Chiba university. Students will stay in Japan more 10-14 days. They have to present concept and discuss with Japanese professors and students.

    feb,22ndAt this moment, we will accept two-three students from partner university. But, we would like to discuss the number of the students ASAP.

    feb,29thPlease receive the concept and proceed to create/design stage. All of the students from partner university have to visit company as an internship in Japan during they are stay. CU will fine internship company.

  • March


    Workshop in Mexico
    CU students will visit some of the university and have workshop in the idea discussion stage.


    Mid-Term Presentation
    Partner university students also attend the workshop and cooperate with CU students together. Workshop will be held 10 days. CU students will present their concept and direction of ideas on first day. CU and partner university student will make presentation about detail idea that was created from the workshop on last day.


    Internship in Mexico
    All of theCU students have to visit company as an internship in Japan during they are stay. CU and partner university will fine internship company.

    mar,28thCU students will decide the idea direction after workshop and proceed detail design stage.

  • April


    Detail design
    Please planning the details.

    apr,11thDetail planning should be presented by drawing, computer graphics and any other materials.

    apr,18thWe require 3D models in virtual and real. Please simulate by 3D CG model or 3D models.

    apr,25thWe require to include the short video, up to 3 minutes, in the final presentation.

  • May


    Plan/Idea Verification
    Final Idea should be verified by the user. Please carry out the survey for the expected user. Please summarize and analyze the data of survey and attache the report to the final presentation.

    May,9th Report should be included the data of the survey. Please carry out the questionnaire for expected user and gathering the quantitative data.

    may,16th If you cannot get good results from the verification for the use, please select a way from the two. One is continue the idea and discuss about the reason why did not accepted. the other one is to modify and receive the idea and adjust for the results that expected user demand.

    May,30th Before the prepare the final presentation, please have a evaluation form CU and partner university project leader.

  • June


    Prepare Final Presentation
    Please prepare the follow materials for the final presentation.
    Presentation Slides: 16:9 size PPT file. Please do not use Keynote.
    Short Video: 3 minutes. Use English. If necessary, put the sub-title in Japanese or Spanish.
    Verification Report: Included the data, discussion points and etc.

    jun,13th CU and partner university plans new project and discuss about present project. Please decide the present project will continue or not.

    Final Presentation in Japan
    Final presentation will be held in Japan. Partner university will select presenter and send to CU.

  • July


    Internship in Japan
    Students who will come from Partner University will attend the internship. Presentation in Company is also included in the internship.

    jul,11thAll of the presentation will have feedback from company.


    Prepare Next Project
    If company will be a next theme sponsor, company will give the new project theme. Please plan a schedule and plan for new theme.