On March 5th, 2019, students and academic staff from Chiba University, Universidad de Monterrey, Universidad Panamericana,  Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, Tecnológico de Monterrey , Universidad de Guadalajara and Universidad de Guanajuato participated in the Final Presentation which was held at the Embassy of the United Mexican States in Japan.


Greeting from Mr. Armando Arriaga Ochoategui, Minister, the Embassy of the United Mexican States in Japan


Greeting from Mr. Makoto Watanabe, Vice-President of Chiba University


Moment of presentation by one of PULI001 teams


Moment of presentation by united PULI003 team


During two hours, students did several interesting and meaningful presentations:

1. Presentations of PULI001 (Design Against Crime – ICT for Future House)

2. Presentations of PULI002 (New World by Hydrogen in 2030)

3. Presentations of PULI003 (Japanese and Mexican Traditional Housing)

4. Presentations of PULI006 (Living Innovation)

5. Presentations of PULI007 (Urban Greening Planning)

After all presentations, participants received very pleasant and warm comments from Ms. Emy Kameta Miyamoto, Second Secretary, Head for Academic, Science & Technology, and Cooperation Affairs, the Embassy of the United Mexican States in Japan.


PULI Program will continue in 2020.