Through PULI project UNAM and Tec de Monterrey in collaboration with Chiba University, these universities are proposing a master project for the instauration of a Hydrogen City in Tokyo, Japan and Veracruz, Mexico simultaneously

The importance of energy industry for world economy is clear in any context. Given the crisis that such industry currently faces, there is a global need to find alternative energy sources that can support upcoming generations. This crisis exists due to the current dependence on fossil fuels, which are finite resources thatare dwindling because of high cost and environmentally damaging retrieval techniques.

Mexican economy nowadays helds a deep dependence on oil production and so, the aforementioned reasons are pushing this country to bet on different industries that can support its economy in the future, such as alternative energy sources.

In the other hand, Japan faces a significant lack of domestic reserves of fossil fuels. Therefore, as a world leader in technology development, this country is making huge investments in the search of new energy sources that can fulfill their consumption needs.

Standing ahead of an important concern for environmental damage, hydrogen has a huge potential to become one of the future energy production resources due to the value that some of its specific features represent. Some of this values are:

-its capability to be stored and transported containing important amounts of energy

-it can be obtained from water, waste and theoretically, from any organic compound

-its use produces only water (non polluting)

The technology to produce, distribute and apply hydrogen energy in daily usage is still in a development phase. Therefore, the goal of this project is to use the design perspective to find new values of using hydrogen as an energy source.

Students established future scenarios based on a research of actual trendings (social, economic, technological trendings) to develop their proposals in those contexts.

Our teams received support and assessment from big companies that nowadays research on hydrogen technology development so that their value proposals can settle a new path for that research.

The results of this project so far proposed conceptual systems composed by hydrogen-empowered appliances designed for cities that lodge societies that could be highly impacted by those systems.

At the end of PULI program, two years from now, we aim to present a master project to the local governments of those cities so that important stakeholders can be involved in their development and they can be brought to reality.

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PULI002 Workshop in Mexico Video

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